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No matter what skill level you are at, the Genealogy Guys Learn™ site was designed to take your skills to the next level.  For $99/year (U.S. dollars), you can enjoy well-designed, well-tested training on everything from beginning research to focusing on particular records so that you make progress with your family history. And new content will be added every month, giving your subscription continually increasing value!

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Do you learn better by reading, or by watching and listening to a presentation?  We’ve got you covered both ways! You can enjoy both our written courses and our recorded videos. All on your own schedule and wherever you are. Our curriculum of both course types can be found at Current Courses (


Learn from the Experts

All of the course content on the Genealogy Guys Learn website is provided by George G. Morgan and Drew Smith, the Genealogy Guys themselves. If you’ve listened to our long-running Genealogy Guys Podcast or read our Genealogy Guys Blog, you are already familiar with the quality of our work. And we wouldn’t be too surprised if you might have seen or heard us via webinars or at national and state genealogy conferences, or at your local genealogy society.


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