Contact Aha! Seminars, Inc., for an extensive variety of products and services. These include:
  • Highest quality genealogy training and/or referrals
  • Genealogy presentations to genealogical and historical societies, heritage and lineage groups, civic organizations, and at public and academic library facilities 
  • Genetic genealogy training
  • Library personnel continuing education seminars
  • Organization of wokshops, conferences, and meeting logistics
  • Custom group genealogical research tours to Salt Lake City, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Washington, DC., and other U.S. sites
  • Custom group genealogical research tours to London, England, and the major repositories there
  • Podcast deelopment, training, and consultation
  • Library personnel development
  • Genealogy societies management skills and strategies training and consultation
  • Genealogical society officers and board member training and consultation
  • Writing assignments and training
  • Marketing communications
  • Consultation on scanning/digitization, indexing, online publication, abstracting and extracting projects of all sizes.
Do you have a need for a genealogical, library. archive, consultation or other related service that you don't see listed above? George G. Morgan and Drew Smith have more than 70 years combined experience and a network of professional colleagues to draw upon to help you succeed!

Contacting Aha!

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Aha! Seminars, Inc.
15611 Jericho Drive
Tampa, FL 33556-3016
(813) 220-6274
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Ownership and Administration
President: George G. Morgan
Vice President: Drew Smith
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