Permission to Use Graphical Image

We, the undersigned, have nominated or have had nominated images of genealogical or historical documents for considering in the Unsung Heroes Award. 
The Unsung Heroes Award is a jointly operated awards program by The Genealogy Guys Podcast, a production of Aha! Seminars, Inc., and Vivid-Pix, a software company. The award program seeks to recognize significant or important digitization, indexing, and/or transcription effort to preserve and make available that content for genealogical, historical, and social research.
A winner of the Unsung Heroes Award will receive a shout out on the Genealogy Guys Podcast at, written acknowledgement in the Genealogy Guys Podcast Blog at, at the Vivid-Pix Unsung Heroes Award Blog at and a custom coffee mug produced by Vivid-Pix that displays two (2) 300dpi images submitted by the winner and the images of the award sponsors.
We the undersigned permit the use of one or more graphical exemplar images for use by The Genealogy Guys Podcast at its blog at and/or at the Vivid-Pix Unsung Heroes Award Blog at to illustrate work that we or our volunteers have performed. We acknowledge that the use of those images will in no way result in financial gain to The Genealogy Guys Podcast, Aha! Seminars, Inc., or Vivid-Pix. We also acknowledge that use of such image(s) do not infringe on any legal or intellectual property consideration, and that no legal action shall be taken out upon the award sponsors. 

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ENTITY NAME (If appropriate): __________________________________
CITY: _____________________  STATE: _______ COUNTRY: ________
POSTAL CODE: _______________ TELEPHONE: __________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________
DATE: _______________________________________

Please submit this by email to Aha! Seminars., Inc, at or by mail to Aha! Seminars, Inc., 15611 Jericho Drive, Odessa, Florida, USA. 33556-3016.