Permission for Young Person Nomination

The Unsung Heroes Awards
Permission for Use of Name and Image
Of a Person Under the Age of Consent
The Unsung Heroes Awards is a joint venture between The Genealogy Guys Podcast ( and Vivid-Pix Restore ( Its purpose is to recognize contributions to digitize, index, transcribe, and otherwise preserve and make available historical images and documents to genealogists, historians, researchers, and others in the global community.
The Unsung Heroes Awards will be announced once each quarter based on nominations and samples received at There are four categories of participant:
  • Individuals
  • Libraries and Archives
  • Genealogical/historical societies
  • Young People (under the age of consent)
Full details and a nomination form can be found at, and sample work should be submitted for full consideration. In addition, Young People who are nominated and are under the age of consent in their state or country must also submit a copy of this form signed     by the parent or guardian of the young person. This will authorize The Genealogy Guys Podcast and Vivid-Pix to include the child’s name and a photograph. Please send this document with the Nomination Form and sample work to
I, _______________________________________, declare that I am the parent or legal guardian of __________________________________. I hereby authorize this child under the age of consent to be mentioned by name and permit a photograph or video to be displayed with a winning announcement at their website or blog.            
Signed: _____________________________________.    Date: _______________
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