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George G. Morgan and Drew Smith are available to individually consult with you on your difficult research challenges through a service called genealogyDOTcoach. Each of them can review where you have reseached before: the time period, the people you are tracing, and the records. Each will evaluate in advance the data you provide that traces your research - including the time period, geographical location(s), migration paths, and other considertions. You will enjoy an in-depth discussion with suggestions for specific locations to contact, record types that may be available that you haven't considered, and deeper insight into the problem.
Drew Smith (l) and George G. Morgan (r)
are two of 36 specialty genealogy coaches who can help you.
Coach Specialties Pricing
George G. Morgan England, Getting Startes, Gulf South Region of the United States, Mid-AtlantocUnited States, Mid-West United States, Pun;ishing, Scotland, and Travel Planning
$25/15 minutes
$50/half hour
Drew Smith Gettoing Started, Organization, Sogyware Assistance
$25/15 minutes
$50/half hour
All the other coaches, their specialties, and their consultation rates will be found at!
George and Drew, between them, have more than 80 years experience and have litterally written the book about getting past brick walls. They demonsrate their expertise week after week on The Genealogy Guys Podcast and the Genealogy Connection podcast. 
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